Is bespoke a Scrabble word?

Yes, bespoke is a Scrabble word!

...and is worth 15 points in Scrabble, and 17 points in Words with Friends

Bespoke is a valid Scrabble word.

See the definition of bespoke and examples of how bespoke is used here.

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Is Bespoke a word? Bespoke meaning


The word "bespoke" comes from ye Olde English. It was originally "bespeak", which was a verb with several meanings.

First, it meant "to speak." Then it meant "to accuse" or "to complain".

Around the 16th century, "bespeak" began to mean "to order or arrange in advance." It may also mean "already spoken for."

Today, the word "bespoke" means that something is customized or made for a very specific purpose.

Based on its history, we have to assume that bespeak was once a simple term that described a person speaking at length about a particular subject. Eventually, though, it somehow started being used to describe a person ranting about a particular subject. At some point, someone decided they were sick of dealing with all these complaining people, and they started making customized items. Hopefully, that would cut down on the complaints. Instead, it changed the meaning of the word entirely, and people found something new to complain about.

Anyway, bespoke is an English word and part of the standard Scrabble dictionary, but you're more likely to hear it in England than the United States. It's just a fancy, old-fashioned way to say "custom." It usually refers to clothing or similar items.

Examples of Bespoke in a Sentence:

  • I'm assuming your purple, velvet, leopard-print sofa is a bespoke piece of furniture?
  • I wanted a bespoke wedding gown, but I could only afford this hand-me-down prom dress.
  • If you want a bespoke suit, you better be ballin'.

Definition of bespoke

The meaning of bespoke


3 definitions of the word bespoke.


  1. (of clothing) custom-made


  1. Be a signal for or a symptom of
  2. Express the need or desire for; ask for

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