Boggle Solver

A Boggle Solver for 4x4 Boggle games. We search the boggle grid to find any available word that can be made from the letters.

Enter in the grid details from your Boggle game, and this boggle solver will search for all of the possible words that can be made. Then, just click on one of the words that have been found and we'll highlight where it exists.

The Rules Of Boggle

Boggle uses a four-by-four grid of letter tiles, and a small hourglass timer that counts down in three-minute intervals. Shake the tiles into the tile holder and set the timer, and all players begin to play at the same time.

Each player searches for words that can be made by joining connecting letters in any direction, without repeating any tile. The players write the found words down, and once the timer runs out they assign values to each word based on the length, where:

  • 3 or 4 letters: 1 Point
  • 5 letters: 2 Points
  • 6 letters: 3 Points
  • 7 letters: 5 Points
  • 8+ letters: 11 Points

Whomever gets the most points, wins! We also have a Scrabble Word Finder to help you beat your friends!