Text Twist Solver

Text Twist Solver

Text Twist is a fun anagram / Word Scramble game, but sometimes everyone needs a little bit of help. This Text Twist Solver allows you to choose twelve letters to unscramble. Once you hit the "Get Words" button, it will determine all the possible Text Twist words that can be made .

Text Twist is one of the oldest games on the Internet, and uses a "cleaned" dictionary of common English words. Any offensive, obscure, or slang terms are removed so you're just searching for normal text twist words.

We grab a standard dictionary and help you find every permutation of words that can be made. This way, if you're stuck at Text Twist you can get a little bit of help to get you through to the next round. If you're really interested, you can just cheat entirely!

There's a good strategy to find the most effective Text Twist unscramble - Keep shuffling your tiles and let your brain absorb the different words present, keep trying different combinations and you'll eventually find them all. For additional help, you should check out our FREE Scrabble tips which have great ideas for how to improve your abilities at all word games.

Text Twist has a lot in common with Scrabble - they require a similar grasp of anagrams and word unscrambles, as well as the ability to think quickly and get your words in place. Increase your vocabulary and you'll improve your Text Twist game!