Words with Friends Cheat

What is the Words With Friends Cheat?

New to Words With Friends? Or maybe you’re an expert who’s hellbent on world domination?. Either way, the Words With Friends (WWF) solver is here to help you cheat your way to the top! (Or strategically play the game and find the best possible word combinations. It really depends on how you look at things.)

The WWF cheat allows you to enter up to twelve letters. We use the Words With Friends dictionary to pull back all the possible words. You can enter up to two ? or spaces as blank tiles, and you can even use them in Scrabble.

Look, we’re sure you’re a lovely person who just wants to win the game. Plus, everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn’t you? Our WWF helper will help you find the best word options using the letter tiles in your arsenal.

Our site searches the entire dictionary to find the ultimate words you can play for the highest possible point score. Don’t like a word? That’s okay, too. We give you the full list of letter combinations, just in case you have a valid reason for playing a 4-point word instead of a 10-point one. (And we’re not here to judge.)

No one likes cheating, so we won’t call it that. Sometimes, you just have to make the best of a situation and win with the tools you have available. So push the guilt deep, deep down and let's get down to the important business of helping you win every game.

First, though, let’s cover the basics.

How to Play Words With Friends

Words With Friends is a similar game to Scrabble with a few modifications. The layout of the board is a little different, point values aren’t exactly the same, and the game uses a dictionary that includes more slang words. But if you’re familiar with other word games, the learning curve should be super easy to master.

Devices You can Use to Play Words with Friends

You can play Words With Friends online with nearly any mobile devices or on your desktop computer. Most people play on their phone or tablet, but there’s also a Facebook version if you want to play on your computer.

You can use your:

  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple iPad
  • Android smartphone
  • Android tablet
  • Apple iPod Touch
  • Kindle Fire tablet
  • Nook tablet
  • Windows smartphone
  • Google Chromebook
  • Computer via Facebook

Create New Words From Your Letter Tiles

When you start Words With Friends, you’ll see a game board with a 15x15 grid of squares. There are 225 squares total. (You like how we did that math for you?)

You will also have a bunch of letter tiles (up to seven at a time), which should look really familiar if you’ve ever played Scrabble.

Each player gets a chance to make a word using the letters on the board as well as the ones on their “rack.” You get points for each word you make, and it’s possible to make more than one word at once if you’re strategic about your letter placement.

When it’s your turn, use the letters on your rack to play a word horizontally or vertically on the board. Your word must connect with at least one other letter that’s already on the board, and the very first word of the game must connect with the purple tile in the center.

Remember, though, that you can connect with more than one letter to create additional words. Each word you make must be in the Words With Friends dictionary, however.

Use Bonus Squares

There are bonus squares on the board that give you double or triple points (Yes, just like other word games). Use these squares to rack up points quickly and outwit your opponent! (But try to calm down because it’s just a game and there are more important things in life.)

Here are the bonus squares:

  • Double Letter (DL): The point value doubles for the letter played on this square.
  • Triple Letter (TL): The point value triples for the letter played on this square.
  • Double Word (DW): If you play a word that uses this square, the entire word’s point value doubles.
  • Triple Word (TW): If you play a word that uses this square, the entire word’s point value triples.

You can actually stack the bonus squares if you play your tiles right. There are four places on the board where you can stretch a word so it covers two double-word bonuses. Because they stack, you’ll actually get a quadruple-word score—or something like that. (We didn’t actually do this math for you. We’re better with spelling and things like that.)

4 Words with Friends Strategies

1. Swap Letters

If you can’t find a word to play, you have the option to swap letters. If you decide to swap, you give up your turn to play a word, but sometimes it’s worth the gamble. Hit the “swap” button if you decide to use this option.

2. Shuffle Letters

You can also shuffle the letters to help find words you didn’t see before or new letter combinations. This is one of the easiest ways to find previously unnoticed words, and it’s really fun to hit the shuffle button and watch the tiles fly around.

3. Pass

There’s also an option to pass, but we don’t recommend using it. If you can’t find a good word to use, it’s better to swap letters instead.

4. Use Power-Ups

There are four power-up options you can choose to boost your chances of a high score.

Here's how to use Word Radar, Swap+, and the Word Clue power-ups.
  • Hindsight shows you the best word you could have played on your last turn.
  • You can see where to play a word on the board using the Word Radar power-up.
  • If you want to swap tiles without losing a turn, use Swap+.
  • Word Clue is similar to Word Radar. When you use it, you’ll know where to play a word on the board, and you’ll also know which tiles to play to form the word.

Power-Ups are super useful, but they’re also limited. You’ll need to pick the best time to play them for the maximum advantage. Keep in mind that the Word Radar and Word Clue power-ups don’t necessarily show you the most popular word to play; they just show you a word that’s possible. Hindsight shows you the best word, but only for your last turn. It’s not really helpful for the next turn unless that word is still an option.

The History of Words With Friends

Now that you know how to play the game, it’s time for a little history lesson.

Believe it or not, Words With Friends has been around for more than a decade. Newtoy developed this game in 2009.

Around 2010 or 2011, it seemed like everyone was playing WWF. It was at the top of the charts in the iOS app store. It was so popular, in fact, that Zynga purchased the company and released Words With Friends 2 just a few years later, in September 2017.

Now that the “hot new trend” vibe has worn off a bit, it’s not as huge as it was in its heyday. But Words With Friends is still a pretty popular game, and you won’t have any trouble finding competitors if you’re interested in playing.

Fun fact: There’s actually a Words With Friends board game. It’s part of Hasbro Gaming which is an imprint of Hasbro, the manufacturer of Scrabble. In Europe and the United Kingdom, Mattel holds the trademark. There’s a “Luxe” version with a rotating board and a travel version too. (Okay, maybe that’s not a fun fact, but we thought it was pretty cool.)

Our Words with Friends Cheat: The Key to Victory

We've talked about how to play, now it's time to talk about how to win. This section has all the tricks to get you the scores you need.

Honestly, if you stick to the basic rules of the game (unless you have an amazing vocabulary) you’re probably not going to win Words With Friends — especially if your opponent is competitive (or using a words with friends cheat like this one...)

You'll have to be a little more strategic than that.

Even with the bonus tiles, power-ups and other options, you still need a bit of savvy to get your score high enough to play with the experts. A Words With Friends helper will give you a leg up over the competition. This word finder will help you find the highest scoring word, which means you can achieve the highest score possible.

You can use a Words With Friends cheat to search the dictionary for any combinations of letters. Just tell the solver which letters you have, and it will help you find words with the highest points. After you enter all your letters, it searches through the Scrabble dictionary, and pulls back a word list of every possible option you can make!

How to Use the Words with Friends Cheat

The advanced options let you pick words that start with a certain word, end with letters or contain other letter combinations. Whatever you enter, it will unscramble the letters into useful words. You can also use a space or a question mark for wildcards (to represent blank tiles).

Sure, it sounds a little cheat-y to use a word generator, but you’re still the one doing all the work. You’re just taking advantage of all the resources you have, which is smart. Isn’t that the whole point of the game? We alsohave a completely separate Scrabble word finder if that's more your style.

So, go ahead! Type those letters into the search bar and see which wonderful words you can play. Don’t forget to bookmark the WWF cheat page so it’s easy to find later too.

11 Tips to Crush the Competition in Words with Friends

Here are a few more tips that can help you win the game. Some of them are outstanding, while others are just mediocre. You can decide which ones you want to use in your personal strategy. Of course your opponents will have to wait patiently while you spend minutes (or hours, or even days) trying to choose the best plan. But that’s really just part of the game. You need to intimidate the other player so your victory feels complete! But if you take too long, they may get bored and start a separate game with a different player. Then you’ll be the one waiting. (Consider that tip a freebie.)

1. Don't wait too long

You have 5 days to play a move or you'll time out. At that point the game will automatically resign. So, don't wait too long!

2. Make Up Words

You may notice that you can make up words when you’re playing WWF. You won’t get to play them unless they’re actual words, of course, but the game will tell you that before you play them.

That’s one way WWF differs from other crossword games. In Scrabble, you have to play the word first, and then the other player can challenge you. If it’s not a word, you pay a penalty. But in WWF, you can place letter tiles on the board in any combination, and the game will tell you if the word is in the words with friends dictionary. If it is, great! You just found a new word. If not, just try again until you find a word that works.

3. Start Strong

If you get to play the first word, make it a good one. You can use one of the Double Word tiles if you make a five-letter word that uses the center tile. A Double Word score is really the best you can do, though, so make sure you use it!

4. Use the Bonus Squares

You should always, always, always use a bonus square if you can. In fact, you should aim to use as many bonus squares as possible when it's your turn. Before you even start looking at your letters, see which tiles give you the highest points when combined with a bonus square. Then, strategically form a word using those letters.

5. Use Two- or Three-Letter Words

Small words are your friends in this game. While they won’t always reward you with high points, you can sometimes make multiple two-letter or three-letter words in one play, which can pay off better than a single five- or six-letter word. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a few two letter words in your pocket. Use a Words With Friends dictionary to find a list of great words that probably aren’t in the average person’s vocabulary—unless the average person uses words like "xu".

Don’t automatically go for the longest word possible, even if it seems really cool and impressive. Look at all your options and compare points before you make your play. A two-letter word can give you way more points than a longer word if you place it right.

6. Make Parallel Words

Once in a while, you'll have an opportunity to play a word parallel to another word, which gives you multiple words and a crazy amount of points.

These opportunities don’t pop up often, so you have to be on the lookout. This is a terrific way to use shorter words to your greatest advantage.

Remember: The more words you make on a single play, the more points you earn.

7. Create Hooks for an Easy Play

Sometimes, finding the best word or most popular word doesn’t take a lot of creativity. When your opponent plays a word, see if you can add to it and make a new word, which is called a “hook.”

For example, pretend your opponent played the word “hook.” You could add an “s” to the beginning or end to make the word “shook” or “hooks.” You could also add an “ed” on the end to make the word “hooked.” There are tons of these opportunities if you keep your eyes peeled. Plus, this can make the other player mad, which is a confidence boost for you!

8. Be Strategic With Swaps

We don’t normally recommend swapping your tiles, but sometimes it’s truly the best option. Let’s say you have seven vowels and no consonants. What the heck are you gonna do with that mess? “Eeeiiio” isn’t a word unless you’re a cartoon character. You need to swap the tiles, sacrifice your turn, and hope you get some better letters next time. It stinks, but unless you want to memorize Scrabble vowel words, it’s really the only way to proceed.

9. Yell Bingo!

You can use all your letters in one turn to get a bingo. This gives you 35 points. This same strategy gives you 50 points in Scrabble, but that’s just another way the two games are different. (We didn’t make the rules.) You can place your tiles so that they make more than one word, giving you a higher number of points. You can also yell “bingo!” really loudly, which is kinda fun, though your opponent can’t hear you. It’s therapeutic and not weird at all.

10. Stay Away From the Bonus Squares

This seems like it goes against our earlier advice, but hear us out: When you’re playing a word, try to stay away from bonus squares if you can’t use them yourself. Why? Because your opponent may be able to reach them easily on their next turn by using your word.

Not only will they get extra points for using the bonus square, but they’ll also block you from using the bonus square. That bonus square will be gone forever, and you can never get it back. Ever. (You can probably use it during your next game, though, so don’t worry too much.)

11. Play Defense

While your primary strategy should be to score points, that’s not the only way to win the game. Just like any other sport, Words With Friends is all about defense too. (And yes, WWF is a sport. You may not burn any calories or shift positions while you play, but it’s probably considered a sport by someone, somewhere.)

If you see an opportunity to block your opponent from playing a Double or Triple Word tile on their next turn, BLOCK THEM. Yes, even if it costs you a few points. Obviously, you don’t want to sacrifice 20+ points so you can block your opponent, but 5 or 10 points? Totally worth it. Save your blank tiles for when you really need them, don't just play them anywhere! This is also good advice for most word games such as wordfeud.

Words With Friends Tournaments

Okay, now that you’re hooked on this game and feel like you’ve mastered the strategy, it’s time to consider going pro. We’re talking about tournaments. Yes, they exist. Why are you laughing? They’re a real thing, and they’re awesome.

A Few things to Know About Tournaments:

  1. There are usually a certain number of rounds to decide the winner—kinda like boxing, except without the punching and stuff. Most tournaments use three rounds, and best two out of three decides the winner.
  2. There’s usually a time limit to complete a round. Time limits vary, but two or three days is average.
  3. If there’s a tie after the first two rounds, a third round decides the winner. If the same person wins the first two rounds, you won’t normally play the third round because that person has already won.
  4. The winner of that last match will play against another winner. This continues until it’s down to the last two competitors.
  5. At this point, the remaining players fight to the death. Just kidding. They just play another round until someone wins first place.
  6. Unfortunately, there’s no cheating allowed in tournament play. (Though, how would they know you're using a Scrabble cheat? But we’re definitely not advocating for cheating.)
  7. Most WWF tournaments have their own guidelines for winning. You may have to report the winner yourself, and there may be a deadline. It really varies based on the host and is completely up to their discretion. Just make sure you read the rules when you sign up.

Words With Friends Prizes

So, what happens if you win a Words With Friends game or tournament? Unfortunately, not a whole lot. You will probably feel pretty good about yourself, and you might get some cool digital swag. (Like Mystery Boxes!—which aren’t as cool as they sound.) But your life won’t change much other than that.

There have been a few tournaments that handed out actual cash prizes in the past, but it’s really up to the person (or website) hosting the tournament. We can’t find any historical prizes worth more than 50 bucks or so, but 50 bucks ain’t nothin’ to sneeze at. You can buy a nice dinner with $50.

You could, of course, create your own tournament—ask players to chip in a few bucks, and let the winner take all. But that’s totally up to you and your group of friends. You may not have time to host a game, or your friends may be too busy with jobs and whatnot.

We don’t know you or your life. It’s just an idea, and it sounds pretty cool. There could be snacks and wine. We haven’t really thought about it too much, but people are always down for a party, especially if there’s food involved. You could even buy the physical game board and play like a civilized person. The Luxe edition would be pretty neat because you could spin it and stuff. We’re just spitballing here, any excuse to hang out with friends sounds good to us.

Try Words With Friends—What Have You Got to Lose?

Okay, if you’re still reading this, all we have left to say is, Download the game. Seriously.

You’ve read through the game mechanics, you know all about the tournaments, you’ve got the appetizer list for your own Words With Friends game night, and you even know the history of the game. What else is there to do?

It’s time to download Words With Friends, use the Words with Friends cheat to win your way to the top, and become (sorta) rich and (not very) famous. Now is your time to shine!

This Words with Friends Cheat was specifically designed to help at Words with friends, but we also have a Scrabble Word Finder which is designed for Scrabble.

This helper takes the letters you have entered and matches them against the Words with Friends dictionary. Don't think of it as cheating, think of it as making the best use of your time to ensure that you land the word you need to win!

All you need to do is enter the tiles you have from your words with friends game, and hit 'Go' - the solver does the rest, and will retrieve the words you need in order of length. If you click on the word you'll see the definition so that nobody can accuse you of cheating.

Words with Friends is a trademark of Zynga with friends - We're not affiliated with them in any way, just huge fans of the game. Whether you're an iPhone, iPad, or Android user of words with friends we hope our cheat gives you the boost you need to beat your opponents.

FAQs about the Words with Friends Cheat

Can you tell if someone is cheating in Words with Friends?

Excellent news for the vocabulary-challenged: absolutely not! Unless your friends commandeer your phone and see Wordfind.com in your browsing history, then you can cheat to your heart’s content!

What is the best cheat for Words with Friends?

Wordfind.com has the simplest and most powerful Words with Friends cheat tool available. Find all possible words for your available letters in a split-second and use word lists, articles, and other resources to take your game to the next level.

How does the Words with Friends cheat work?

Simple! Just plug in your available letters and the Words with Friends cheat will return all possible words, allowing you to find the highest-point combinations for each turn.