Scrabble Helper

Scrabble Helper

The most useful way to get Help for Scrabble - Using the a large open-source Dictionary of words for Scrabble, you can enter up to 12 letters. Enter them into the box, and use a question mark as a blank tile - Scrabble help will produce all the words that can be made. As you can see above we also allow you to enter a prefix or a suffix, choose the length of the word and enter wildcards. The checker will do the rest, quickly pulling back the best words that can be made.

Everyone needs a little Help for Scrabble now and then, and this Word Helper tool was created to allow you to find the most words in the quickest possible manner. It will work for Words with Friends, Literati and Lexulous too, and whether you want to use the SOWPODS, CSW or TWL dictionary we have the Scrabble solver for you!

We literally wrote the book on Word Games!

We take the standard US Scrabble dictionary and use the letters you enter to find all the words available - including wildcards. We even provide word definitions, an anagram solver, and useful tools like synonyms and antonyms so you can quickly understand what the word means if you find a slightly odd one. Want two letter words? We've got you covered.

When playing with opponents it's often necessary to get a little extra advice, either from a dictionary of from an online helper for Scrabble word tool such as this, but rest assured that you opponent is probably doing the exact same thing. Don't feel guilty! Be sure to check the definitions of any words you use, and that way whomever you're playing against won't be able to call you on it without looking foolish.

How to Cheat at Scrabble and Not Get Caught

Fingers trembling, you meticulously place the tiles that spell "UR" on your Scrabble board and wait for the onslaught of abuse from your opponents. But wait! "UR," as a "word expressing hesitation," IS acceptable (... in Europe. um). Two points, baby!

These rollercoaster emotions when you find words (coupled with the unbridled glee of perfecting your one-upmanship over your opponents) are all part of the joy of playing Scrabble, one of the world’s most popular board games. Even if you’re a newbie, you know that this is one game where basic evolutionary development is in play - in particular, the evolution of our basic word skills, using word lists to blow up your word score, turning existing words into giant point scores and culminating in the survival of the fittest wits. We run Scrabble Word Finder, and we're going to help you win!

Sure, it’s a long journey to evolve from "UR" to new words such as "MUZJIKS" (78 points), "QUIXOTRY" (365) or that granddaddy of Scrabble chemistry teases, "SESQUIOXIDE" (2044 points). But part of the pleasure of Scrabble is working your way up to these big words by first learning them, finding them in your tiles in a jumble and then leveraging them for maximum points on the board.

If you need more than what the word builder can offer your Scrabble letters, be sure to sign up for our FREE word Tips with your email address in the box below. We send out a weekly tip direct to your email, and each one is battle-tested to ensure your game of scrabble improves.

Cheating with a Scrabble Spin-Off

Over the years, there have been several crossword-puzzle style word games similar to what Hasbro inc has created with Scrabble - most recently Words with Friends by Zynga (which has, like Scrabble, also spawned an online interest in "Words with Friends cheats"). Scrabble Go has been incredibly popular, and Text Twist has also taken the world by storm. These games ebb and flow in popularity, with older games such as wordfeud and wordscraper still being popular, but nowhere near as big as they once were.

For those who want to indulge in some deep Scrabble cheating at its finest, in 2010 Mattel announced a new take on the game, "Scrabble Trickster," which allows players to use many of the word categories banned from the classic edition. These include people’s names, place names, and company/brand names - in short, all of those traditionally verboten proper nouns. no messing with iPhones or androids here - this is purely a board game!

"Scrabble Trickster" also permits an abundance of cheats, such as allowing players to spell words backward or even steal tiles from other players. Because of the seemingly limitless number of now-playable words, critics refer to this as the "dumbed-down" version of Scrabble - but it’s a goldmine for those Scrabble players who love to cheat at the game. Even though the rules of the game have been relaxed somewhat, I still don't think you'll be able to get away with using a word generator. Unfortunately, due to licensing laws it’s only available in Europe, so curious fans will have to get their overseas friends to send them a set.

In the end, if you don’t mind being called a "Scrabble cheat" by some of your more unimaginative opponents, consider using a word solver to boost your Scrabble scores. Or better yet, get a friend who lives overseas to send you a set of "Scrabble Trickster" so you can knock yourself out with its unlimited list of playable words. And don’t forget, if you find that one of your rival players is using a word unscrambler, the best way to beat 'em is to join 'em, and get in on the action yourself!