Is by a Scrabble word?

Yes, by is a Scrabble word!

...and is worth 7 points in Scrabble, and 7 points in Words with Friends

By is a valid Scrabble word.

See the definition of by and examples of how by is used here.

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Is By a word? By meaning




  1. Close to something
  2. Indicating the means through which an action is performed ("The operation was done by a famous surgeon").


Definition: Going past something ("The car drove by a herd of bison").

BY is one of those indispensable words for which there seems to be no substitute. Whether you’re telling someone you’re just passing by, or letting the world know on Facebook that you’re watching a performance by your favorite singer, you’ve relied on the word BY to get your message across.

Unfortunately, BY is also one of those words that can drive people crazy if they’re trying to learn English. This is chiefly because of "Buy, By and Bye," that dark trio of words that can lead you down an etymological rabbit hole if you’re not careful. Words like "Buy, By and Bye" remind us that, as a language, English just doesn’t make sense.

Ways to use BY in a sentence:

  • "Let me run this idea by you."
  • "The opera was performed by cast members in desperate need of singing lessons."
  • "Let's wave bye to our friends, run by the store, and buy some candy!"

Definition of by

The meaning of by


2 definitions of the word by.


  1. So as to pass a given point
  2. In reserve; not for immediate use

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