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Synonyms are words that can be used in place of another word, they either mean the same thing or are so similar as to be interchangable.

33 Synonyms for Botch

Words that are similar to botch


  1. Bodge
  2. Bumble
  3. Fumble
  4. Botch up
  5. Muff
  6. Blow
  7. Flub
  8. Screw up
  9. Ball up
  10. Spoil
  11. Muck up
  12. Bungle
  13. Fluff
  14. Bollix
  15. Bollix up
  16. Bollocks
  17. Bollocks up
  18. Bobble
  19. Mishandle
  20. Louse up
  21. Foul up
  22. Mess up
  23. Fuck up

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